Friday, January 29, 2016

New Monthly Urban Sketcher Events for Gig Harbor begin in February.

Urban Sketchers-Tacoma is adding a third sketch-out per month to its year-round schedule of urban sketching opportunities.

First Saturdays, Second Thursdays, and Third Wednesdays: 

These are each free sketch-outings (unless we go to a location requiring an entry fee.)

Bring sketching supplies you would enjoy using.

Thursday, February 11th, from 10:00 am- 12:30 pm: 

The Harbor General Store

7804 Pioneer Way, Gig Harbor

Hwy 16 to Olympic Dr. NW--> Go right on Olympic Drive--> Go left on Soundview Drive.

"We sketchers will Meet & Greet at 10:00 and then disperse (or sit together) to sketch. At 12:30, we'll gather to share our sketches (It's voluntary + we never critique!) and take our usual group photo. Likely some of us will plan to order a beverage/snack to enjoy as we sketch...and will consider store displays, food & beverage choices, the store's patrons, or the view from the window possible 'models' for our sketches. We promise to bring name tags!"
Hosts: Frances Buckmaster, Mary McInnis, Feather Hilger 


  1. Great information regarding the urban sketcher-events! Thanks for this great post my friend. The sketcher-events are quite famous in Chicago too. My daughter always attended such events at domestic venues in Chicago. She always gets great inspirations from the events.

  2. I would like to attend but am confused by the date. My calendar shows 2/11 as a Saturday. However it is the 2nd Saturday. Does that mean the sketchers are meeting Saturday the 11th in Gig Harbor?