Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Best EVER Netshed Show is coming at Harbor History Museum (HHM) and will run from Nov 14th through Jan 17th. This is a combination of Artists view of the netsheds and Artifacts from/history and information on the netsheds. Opening day is an Artwalk day Nov 14th. We are not having an opening reception, but may try for a December event- stay tuned!
If you have a Netshed painting/Drawing/etc- make sure to send an email to if you have not already contacted me. Turn in is Monday November 2nd from noon to 3pm but I have History Museum helpers for additional times (but let me know). ALL artwork should be tagged on the back of the piece with: Artists name and a contact phone number or email, Title of artwork, Netshed number IF you know it (the show is organized by netshed), and price- note that the HHM charges 40% commission, and will ring the sale for you. I will make tags from info you give me- no price info + NFS (not for sale)  
I will have some postcards for all artists in show--- seek me out at turn in! I can also send jpeg to you to use in social media/emails.  
Pick up will be Mon Jan 18th as we want show open for last weekend.