Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Plein air show info for artists

Plein Air Show at the Lodge at Mallards Landing welcomes any Urban sketches, Pieces from Drawing You In, &/or Plein Air Pieces from this year. You do need to be current (dues are due!) screened PAL member for this show. There is a $10 entry fee- it covers a collection of your pieces: If your pieces are LARGE (over 16x20) just bring 3-4,
if Medium (11x14- 9x12) you can bring up to 5,
if Smaller- you can bring up to 7.
This is an important part of our PAL mission- to develop us as artists and to expose the community to art by local artists. Please make your finishing touches and frame your pieces.
As soon as possible- send Anne Knapp your tagging info: (NO "quotes" or extra spaces or indentation- it goes crazy when I try to format it!)
TITLE of piece, where it was painted or name of model or???, medium used, your name, contact info, Price
(no commission is charged) 
I like doing our tags on the computer- it looks professional and clean and Legible. I print them on business cards, so no long titles, no sizes, and choose either phone or email- can't fit both!
 I will bring "hand writable" Tags for those who forget to send me info. 
If you do them like sample below, you make it an easy job!

sample tag:
Sehmel Study
Sehmel Homestead Park
Anne Moore Knapp

BRING PAINTINGS on Friday October 2nd at 1pm to the Lodge at Mallards Landing 7083 Wagner Way NW, Gig Harbor, WA 98335
(253) 235-3552 up on the mezzanine (there are elevators)
PLEASE put a tag with your info on the back of each art work- with name of piece

YES- you may bring an Artists Bio &/or business cards (we'll have a book to put it in)
I will bring hanging supplies and we will have a few folks to help hang.
We need to be hung and tagged BY 4pm so that the Arts Commission can Judge- so don't be late!
This is a very fun event- good chance to catch up with other artists and see what everyone's been doing!
I will send out separate info on the reception .
Mark your Calendars for Nov 2nd (Monday) to pick up your artwork anytime after 10 am
PS after you get your Plein air show stuff together...
look for Netsheds for November!

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