Sunday, August 16, 2015

The Boat Shed Restaurant August 20th

The old town of Manette from the other side of the bridge. Yes the big 1st structure is the boatshed!
Note the parking on the upper street by the white car... with stairs descending behind the place.

   This week we have a trek in sight... kinda funky, kinda scenic, kinda unusual, kinda remote, kinda tasty... just across the Manette bridge in Bremerton is a restaurant called the Boat Shed restaurant. With beautiful  panoramic views from the outdoor deck there is also a ramp/dock that takes you to water level for a super view of the bridge. Not digging the water scene? Cruise around the crusty old town buildings behind the restaurant for texture, some dating back as long ago as 1891 but swing back by for a bite on the deck at the restaurant noonish.
My 1st painting at the Boatshed
 9x12 oil on panel
The restaurant won't open for business until 11 but we will be allowed to set up on the deck any time after 9:30. The owner requests that we park in the upper gravel lot which has its own stairwell leading down to the restaurant as the parking upon the building is very limited.
 Address: The Boat Shed Restaurant
My 2nd painting  in progress
of the bridge.

101 Shore Drive, Bremerton WA 98310                            PH#360.377.2600

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