Monday, August 3, 2015

Going "Home" to visit Nan/Lakebay August 6th From Hwy

Lunch chat after session at
Chalet in the Woods
   Last week was a big hit with the artists not only for their lovely estate and accommodating hospitality (with drinks and snack tray) but for all the shade that kept the artists cool through our session in this epic heatwave Washington is experiencing. Although the temps should be out of the 90s it will be less shady for this week so bring your sunscreen and water.
   Breaking away from Gig Harbor, we will be heading down the Key Peninsula  to a little place, just past Key Center,  called"Home". It is here that a friend of mine has relocated from Fox Island. Nan found a sweet little stretch of land that looks down a steep orchard embankment for a vast view of Joe's Bay.
View of Joe's Bay from Nan's place
Sheep in the shade.
Need to practice mixing greens? She has a garden and just to the side of her property are rolling hills that lend pasture to the neighbor's sheep with a vineyard beyond.
Lakebay Marina
   If you can't find anything there (or plan to do more than one study) then be sure to visit Lakebay Marina is just a few miles away. At the marina there is a small restaurant (that is closed for now) with  covered porch on back for shade and open dock in front. By 11 am the water beneath will be at high tide.
View from back porch of marina 
Also the ferry landing, (one of Nan's favorite spots) has glimpses of the olympic range and she says is just 5 minutes away from her place. Pack a lunch start time is 9:30. Feel free to visit one of these other 2 possibilities for a 2nd session in the afternoon... to make the drive  down the 302 even more productive.

Directions:From Hwy 16 exit Purdy dr nw/WA 302 W towards Purdy/Key center. At the 302 stoplight you can only turn one way.
- 5+ miles stay straight to transition to key peninsula Highway north like you are going to Key Center.
-Once you pass through Key Center (stop light with stores/stations on the corner) and head out of retail area, look for 7th Ave KPN and turn Left. This will lead to C street which is Nan's House 1821 C street.

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