Saturday, August 15, 2015

Annual Plein Air show coming in October... RSVP required

Mallards landing is providing PAL members the opportunity to show our summer's worth of plein air work in their lodge during the month of October again this year. Posters and print media will be completed in the next week or two so if you plan to show, I need your name sent to me so I can compile a list for the landing. The entry is standard PAL proceedure of 3 part form,paperwork and of a $10 fee...only you get to put in 3-5 works depending on size and participant count. You will need to be a paid member as well as being screened for the medium you are using in the work you plan to show. (See PAL website for more info.). Screening will be before September's PAL meeting. The show will be hung (your help will be welcomed) Friday October 2nd, reception/opening  1st Saturday afternoon and the show will run the entire month. More details to come.  This week I need you to email me ( an RSVP with your name if you plan to be in the show. Look to the PAL blog to keep up on the info on this event.- Feather

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