Sunday, August 23, 2015

No event this week-August 27th

   Greetings Artists!
Your facilitator (that would be me) will not be leading an event on Thursday due to a week long painting event with Plein Air Washington Artists on Whidbey Island this week. I hope my true "die hard" artists (you know who you are) will either work on finishing those great starts for the show or go independently on your own this week to find some beauty in your own surroundings that you might share with us at the show. Remember, what goes in the show does not have to be specifically from the events we share so go visit your garden, favorite park or waterfront and I'll see you all in September with stories to share. Enjoy! -Feather

Sunday, August 16, 2015

The Boat Shed Restaurant August 20th

The old town of Manette from the other side of the bridge. Yes the big 1st structure is the boatshed!
Note the parking on the upper street by the white car... with stairs descending behind the place.

   This week we have a trek in sight... kinda funky, kinda scenic, kinda unusual, kinda remote, kinda tasty... just across the Manette bridge in Bremerton is a restaurant called the Boat Shed restaurant. With beautiful  panoramic views from the outdoor deck there is also a ramp/dock that takes you to water level for a super view of the bridge. Not digging the water scene? Cruise around the crusty old town buildings behind the restaurant for texture, some dating back as long ago as 1891 but swing back by for a bite on the deck at the restaurant noonish.
My 1st painting at the Boatshed
 9x12 oil on panel
The restaurant won't open for business until 11 but we will be allowed to set up on the deck any time after 9:30. The owner requests that we park in the upper gravel lot which has its own stairwell leading down to the restaurant as the parking upon the building is very limited.
 Address: The Boat Shed Restaurant
My 2nd painting  in progress
of the bridge.

101 Shore Drive, Bremerton WA 98310                            PH#360.377.2600

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Annual Plein Air show coming in October... RSVP required

Mallards landing is providing PAL members the opportunity to show our summer's worth of plein air work in their lodge during the month of October again this year. Posters and print media will be completed in the next week or two so if you plan to show, I need your name sent to me so I can compile a list for the landing. The entry is standard PAL proceedure of 3 part form,paperwork and of a $10 fee...only you get to put in 3-5 works depending on size and participant count. You will need to be a paid member as well as being screened for the medium you are using in the work you plan to show. (See PAL website for more info.). Screening will be before September's PAL meeting. The show will be hung (your help will be welcomed) Friday October 2nd, reception/opening  1st Saturday afternoon and the show will run the entire month. More details to come.  This week I need you to email me ( an RSVP with your name if you plan to be in the show. Look to the PAL blog to keep up on the info on this event.- Feather

Monday, August 10, 2015

Tacoma Narrows Park-August 13th

View from the beach
We stayed close to "home" last week in the hospitality of great views, a shady tree that most of us worked from, fresh peaches from Nan's tree and a visit from the sheep. This week we will be laying low in the Harbor before the road calls again. So when I say low I am referring to low tide which allows us beach access to walk the 1315 foot shore that faces the bridge from the GH side at the Tacoma Narrows Bridge Park. Many of you have commented on the nice windy drive down to the park and wanting to paint the woods while many of us want to get that unique sea level perspective of either the bridge or the narrows passage that looks across to Tacoma. Although there is a gazebo overlook most of the ocean side park is sunny and open so bring your sunscreen and a sack lunch if you want to stay for a bite. Shall we meet 9 a.m. or so?
Directions: 1502 Lucille Pkwy NW, Gig Harbor, WA 98335
From Hwy 16...
Exit 8 toward Wollochet/Pt Fosdick and head away from the historic waterfront.
L onto 24th St NW
L onto Jahn Ave NW
L Stone Dr NW
Stone becomes Lucille Pkwy NW
Turn L to stay on Lucille and it will take you to the park.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Going "Home" to visit Nan/Lakebay August 6th From Hwy

Lunch chat after session at
Chalet in the Woods
   Last week was a big hit with the artists not only for their lovely estate and accommodating hospitality (with drinks and snack tray) but for all the shade that kept the artists cool through our session in this epic heatwave Washington is experiencing. Although the temps should be out of the 90s it will be less shady for this week so bring your sunscreen and water.
   Breaking away from Gig Harbor, we will be heading down the Key Peninsula  to a little place, just past Key Center,  called"Home". It is here that a friend of mine has relocated from Fox Island. Nan found a sweet little stretch of land that looks down a steep orchard embankment for a vast view of Joe's Bay.
View of Joe's Bay from Nan's place
Sheep in the shade.
Need to practice mixing greens? She has a garden and just to the side of her property are rolling hills that lend pasture to the neighbor's sheep with a vineyard beyond.
Lakebay Marina
   If you can't find anything there (or plan to do more than one study) then be sure to visit Lakebay Marina is just a few miles away. At the marina there is a small restaurant (that is closed for now) with  covered porch on back for shade and open dock in front. By 11 am the water beneath will be at high tide.
View from back porch of marina 
Also the ferry landing, (one of Nan's favorite spots) has glimpses of the olympic range and she says is just 5 minutes away from her place. Pack a lunch start time is 9:30. Feel free to visit one of these other 2 possibilities for a 2nd session in the afternoon... to make the drive  down the 302 even more productive.

Directions:From Hwy 16 exit Purdy dr nw/WA 302 W towards Purdy/Key center. At the 302 stoplight you can only turn one way.
- 5+ miles stay straight to transition to key peninsula Highway north like you are going to Key Center.
-Once you pass through Key Center (stop light with stores/stations on the corner) and head out of retail area, look for 7th Ave KPN and turn Left. This will lead to C street which is Nan's House 1821 C street.