Monday, July 27, 2015

Chalet in the Woods July 30th

 This week we have a hidden gem of a property awaiting us called Chalet in the Woods. Similiar to the Watrin farm, this place is a private estate which has gardens, the sheep (baby lambs born in May) cute buildings... 12 acres of rolling landscapes of  woods, pastures, orchards...and a gift shop? Oh My!!!
Gift shop: European gifts and clothing
as well as one of the bathrooms for our event.

Rolling meadow
where the
sheep graze.
   Much like the Blue Willow's pristine conditions before their festival, we lucked out again as Laura and John have a friend's wedding planned  around our date. Me thinks there will be some extra special attention loved into the land. Think rustic, think woody, think this is a not-to-miss new venue! Bring a sack lunch if you care to eat with fellow artists in the "grand" gathering around the noon hour as there aren't any restaurants near the Chalet in the Woods. The fun begins at 9:30 sharp. Please try to be prompt as our hostess will be guiding you as to where she would like you to park during our stay.
A good place for lunch.
Look for this
from the road,
turn here.
Directions: WARNING: GPS has difficulty with this address so follow the written directions below... I speak from experience!
-From Hwy 16 heading west, exit the Burnham drive exit and circle all the way around the round about to cross (to the left) back over Hwy 16.  At the next round- bout take the 2nd exit to be on Burnham which will dead end at a T in the road.
-You folks heading east on Hwy 16 will just take the exit, take 1st round-a-bout exit to Burham on right to reach the T in the road.
- At the stop T in the road Sehmel Road turn left for 2 miles until you see 78th.
- Left on 78th ave 1/2 mile to 82nd.
-Left on 92nd drive to Y in road.
-Left on 74th and drive past a few properties until you see the sign pictured above which is where you turn to come onto the property. It is about 1/8th mile or so down the drive where Laura will show you where to park. Please be as close to start time as possible.
* If you follow her directions you should have no problems but if you get lost call her 253-851-8678 again GPS takes you to the wrong place!

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