Sunday, July 19, 2015

Maritime Pier July 23rd

Kathie in the garden
Mary, fastest painter
on the farm.
   It was a great time at the Watrin farm  last week. Flowers were in abundance. Sheep were sheered and friendly with the hospitality above and beyond. We enjoyed coffee/tea in the morning, homemade cinnamon rolls for lunch's desert ( still hot when presented at the picnic table) - many of us having desert 1st! Although the rolls didn't survive the day, we were sent away with party favor bags of fresh veggies and berries from the garden- what a treat!!!

Eileen, studies the flowers.
 For those of us who have been busy Busy BUSY this last week with the Art Festival and other such events, I thought it best to keep it local/ easy to find venue. As promised, this week will provide your monthly Netshed opportunity looking toward Tacoma from the Maritime pier where "the twins" are located, in case you wanted fresh work for the November show. Last time we painted this site the timing was such that there was a fishing boat with a crew of 5 off loading and loading nets and the entire front of the deck of the Netshed was covered with nets. Yes friends, a real working Netshed.  If you got enough "shedness" then consider the vast expanse looking out the harbor, a boat detail or strolling down towards the Green Turtle for an across the water view of our token lighthouse. Plenty of little nooks and crannies to explore near the Maritime Pier area and if it's anything like last time, we might be able to have access to Tides dock as well- especially if you are having lunch there. I should be on site somewhere in the vicinity by 9:30. Brown bag it or take yourself to lunch at Tides, the pizza  place across the street or the new general store up the way for a sandwich, all within walking distance of the pier.
This is the place...
unless you wanna wander.

Directions: From Hwy 16, take the Olympic exit and head towards the water. When you get to the bottom of the incline the road will turn sharply left. In that curve you will see Tide's restaurant with the Maritime pier right beside it... park on the pier side and leave the restaurant side clear for customers. Restrooms off the parking lot.  If you are looking to park in the shade, there is a street just before the restaurant (Green turtle restaurant to the right). Turn right there and you will find good parking if you are there by 9am.

GPS: 3003 Harborview Drive

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