Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Chalet part 3... the adventure continues

Greetings artists! Not to scare you away but... I have a 3rd set of directions that one of you has devised from Google maps and I have added to it from my GPS and my experience... before it took me to the wrong place.

Head West off Burnham Drive exit from 16
L at T =Sehmel Dr NW travel 1.6 -->
L on 78th Ave NW (Becomes Chapman? I was told but don't recall) travel 0.6-->
L on 82nd Ave NW travel 0.3-->
L on 92nd St NW (seeing 1st sign for chalet in the woods here but corner property not the place , pass it on the right travel 0.5-->
This road  curves left then comes to a Y that either curves right( before curving left into a housing complex -wrong way) or curves/turns left and becomes  the mysterious 74th ave nw.
GPS will tell you it's there but again wrong! 
Drive down 74th ave nw  past a few properties until you see on the left a  Chalet in the woods sign like in the photo I posted... hopefully the flag will be there too.
Turn left and follow the road --- into the woods down a long drive (sheep meadows on the right to gift shop at the bottom.

The address is 9406 74th ave nw but the GPS won't help you and if I recall, the house properties either were strangely marked or unmarked but there is a 3' x 5' sign  on 74th before the turn. Again if you get lost call her...253-851-8678. 

Good luck and may the "roads-less-traveled" angels guide you swiftly to your destination. - Your fearless/adventuresome plein air facilitator, Feather

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