Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Chalet part 3... the adventure continues

Greetings artists! Not to scare you away but... I have a 3rd set of directions that one of you has devised from Google maps and I have added to it from my GPS and my experience... before it took me to the wrong place.

Head West off Burnham Drive exit from 16
L at T =Sehmel Dr NW travel 1.6 -->
L on 78th Ave NW (Becomes Chapman? I was told but don't recall) travel 0.6-->
L on 82nd Ave NW travel 0.3-->
L on 92nd St NW (seeing 1st sign for chalet in the woods here but corner property not the place , pass it on the right travel 0.5-->
This road  curves left then comes to a Y that either curves right( before curving left into a housing complex -wrong way) or curves/turns left and becomes  the mysterious 74th ave nw.
GPS will tell you it's there but again wrong! 
Drive down 74th ave nw  past a few properties until you see on the left a  Chalet in the woods sign like in the photo I posted... hopefully the flag will be there too.
Turn left and follow the road --- into the woods down a long drive (sheep meadows on the right to gift shop at the bottom.

The address is 9406 74th ave nw but the GPS won't help you and if I recall, the house properties either were strangely marked or unmarked but there is a 3' x 5' sign  on 74th before the turn. Again if you get lost call her...253-851-8678. 

Good luck and may the "roads-less-traveled" angels guide you swiftly to your destination. - Your fearless/adventuresome plein air facilitator, Feather

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Chalet in the woods part 2

   It has been brought to my attention that there was some confusion in the directions. I wrote from the website but to clarify I believe 78th becomes 82nd before you take a sincere turn onto 92nd. 92nd will have forks off of it, always stay to the left.
    Another verbal collection of directions I have obtained is: Go west on Rosedale to Rosedale Market, stay to your right onto David Day. Go to 92nd Street turn right there and follow the signs. I personally have not tried this route but if you know the area and these directions make sense to you- go for it!

Monday, July 27, 2015

Chalet in the Woods July 30th

 This week we have a hidden gem of a property awaiting us called Chalet in the Woods. Similiar to the Watrin farm, this place is a private estate which has gardens, the sheep (baby lambs born in May) cute buildings... 12 acres of rolling landscapes of  woods, pastures, orchards...and a gift shop? Oh My!!!
Gift shop: European gifts and clothing
as well as one of the bathrooms for our event.

Rolling meadow
where the
sheep graze.
   Much like the Blue Willow's pristine conditions before their festival, we lucked out again as Laura and John have a friend's wedding planned  around our date. Me thinks there will be some extra special attention loved into the land. Think rustic, think woody, think this is a not-to-miss new venue! Bring a sack lunch if you care to eat with fellow artists in the "grand" gathering around the noon hour as there aren't any restaurants near the Chalet in the Woods. The fun begins at 9:30 sharp. Please try to be prompt as our hostess will be guiding you as to where she would like you to park during our stay.
A good place for lunch.
Look for this
from the road,
turn here.
Directions: WARNING: GPS has difficulty with this address so follow the written directions below... I speak from experience!
-From Hwy 16 heading west, exit the Burnham drive exit and circle all the way around the round about to cross (to the left) back over Hwy 16.  At the next round- bout take the 2nd exit to be on Burnham which will dead end at a T in the road.
-You folks heading east on Hwy 16 will just take the exit, take 1st round-a-bout exit to Burham on right to reach the T in the road.
- At the stop T in the road Sehmel Road turn left for 2 miles until you see 78th.
- Left on 78th ave 1/2 mile to 82nd.
-Left on 92nd drive to Y in road.
-Left on 74th and drive past a few properties until you see the sign pictured above which is where you turn to come onto the property. It is about 1/8th mile or so down the drive where Laura will show you where to park. Please be as close to start time as possible.
* If you follow her directions you should have no problems but if you get lost call her 253-851-8678 again GPS takes you to the wrong place!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Maritime Pier July 23rd

Kathie in the garden
Mary, fastest painter
on the farm.
   It was a great time at the Watrin farm  last week. Flowers were in abundance. Sheep were sheered and friendly with the hospitality above and beyond. We enjoyed coffee/tea in the morning, homemade cinnamon rolls for lunch's desert ( still hot when presented at the picnic table) - many of us having desert 1st! Although the rolls didn't survive the day, we were sent away with party favor bags of fresh veggies and berries from the garden- what a treat!!!

Eileen, studies the flowers.
 For those of us who have been busy Busy BUSY this last week with the Art Festival and other such events, I thought it best to keep it local/ easy to find venue. As promised, this week will provide your monthly Netshed opportunity looking toward Tacoma from the Maritime pier where "the twins" are located, in case you wanted fresh work for the November show. Last time we painted this site the timing was such that there was a fishing boat with a crew of 5 off loading and loading nets and the entire front of the deck of the Netshed was covered with nets. Yes friends, a real working Netshed.  If you got enough "shedness" then consider the vast expanse looking out the harbor, a boat detail or strolling down towards the Green Turtle for an across the water view of our token lighthouse. Plenty of little nooks and crannies to explore near the Maritime Pier area and if it's anything like last time, we might be able to have access to Tides dock as well- especially if you are having lunch there. I should be on site somewhere in the vicinity by 9:30. Brown bag it or take yourself to lunch at Tides, the pizza  place across the street or the new general store up the way for a sandwich, all within walking distance of the pier.
This is the place...
unless you wanna wander.

Directions: From Hwy 16, take the Olympic exit and head towards the water. When you get to the bottom of the incline the road will turn sharply left. In that curve you will see Tide's restaurant with the Maritime pier right beside it... park on the pier side and leave the restaurant side clear for customers. Restrooms off the parking lot.  If you are looking to park in the shade, there is a street just before the restaurant (Green turtle restaurant to the right). Turn right there and you will find good parking if you are there by 9am.

GPS: 3003 Harborview Drive

Friday, July 17, 2015

PAL Art Festival this weekend!

Sketch from demo tent
Pal Fest 2013.
 Hey all you Plein Air / Portrait/ Urban Sketcher/Figure/Studio artists... you know who you are! Don't for get to come by the festival this weekend on Judson Street and support your local art group. No appointment necessary- walk in artists welcome in the demo tent. Need a vast scene with a view? Get your fun side on and "chalk the walk" along harborview before you follow the people/music for food and fun. It's a 2 day party sure to put a smile on your face... ya don't wanna miss it!

Monday, July 13, 2015

The Watrin's Estate, a magical place on Horsehead bay july 16th

   After a pleasurable trip to Blue Willow Farms in the relaxing essence of lavender, this week we will be visiting my favorite private estate/farm in Horsehead Bay.  A huge hit of garden tour 2012 with both artists and participants, the Watrin estate is a magical piece of property that charms the viewer with its log house, whimsical decor , detailed vignettes, and the majesty of an unpretentious determination to enjoy the land through the edible gardens, loving  layout of flowers sprinkled with a variety of outbuildings and farm critters to round out the experience. No lack of inspiration, our start time is 9:30 am. Sack lunch is best  for a post paint chat  beneath the large shade trees.  Come see "the enchanted cottage"... where it all began.
The Enchanted Cottage- 16x20 oil on canvas.
Directions: From Hwy 16 exit Wollochet Dr NW and head away from water/city center You will pass a landscaping Co, a gas station and TCC Gig harbor turn off at Hunt st. Follow this past the Fox Island turn off and it will become 40th st NW then 92nd Ave NW.  Turn right on 36th st nw, pass a 4 way stop (store on corner) until it dead ends at a T in which you will take a left on Horsehead Bay Dr NW. Follow the squiggly road, which becomes 28th st ct NW for more than 1/2 a mile until it dog legs to the right (becoming 115th ave NW). As it is dog legging you will notice to your right that there is a small open field type space... PARK HERE!!!  The property is across the street. Look for my red truck in the field to park, sheep in the fields across the street grazing and a long path along the chicken coops and garden up the property. For those who need to drop off "stuff" you may come up the drive, leave your gear and return to field parking as we have been asked to drop and repark in the field on the curve.  Watrin Estate 2822 115th Ave NW Gig Harbor 98335

Monday, July 6, 2015

Lavender farm July 9th

Artists beneath the oak
  Last week we all enjoyed a pleasurable morning at Sunrise Beach Park  beneath the abundance of shade that lined the shore as well as the giant oak tree that shadowed the hill. A few new faces joined us for painting, sketching and lunch.
   This week we are traveling down the key peninsula just to the outskirts of Gig Harbor to Blue Willow Lavender Farm. Originally scheduled for a later date, the owner gave me a courtesy update to tell me that the lavender was way ahead of schedule so we changed the date to this week. Coincidentally it will be a day before their annual lavender festival  begins this weekend so this lovely property will be immaculate... lucky us!
"Ole Glory
9x12 oil
painted at the festival
They are getting ready for the festival, there may be vendors setting up their booths but Tracy didn't think that they would begin until that afternoon. Although the lavender won't change, the artists need to consider where they set up as not to conflict with the early birds. Heck, some of you may even prefer to sketch the activity then the fields. If that is the case be sure to visit the festival this Fri/Sat where there is live entertainment, plant lectures and luscious lavender lemonade... among other things going on. For more info go to: 
   Directions: Blue Willow Lavender Farm, 10615 Wright Bliss Rd KPN, Gig Harbor 98329 may be found by taking HWY 16 west of the Tacoma Narrows bridge . 
Take the Purdy Dr NW/WA 302 W exit down to a light where you will turn left (right if you are coming from the west). You can't miss it as it is a bridge that crosses over the water.
After  5 miles  of winding down this pretty hwy you will vear right on to 302 KP N/WA-302 for almost 3 miles.
Turn left on Write bliss road KP N  and the property will be down the road another mile on the left.
 9 am until noon-ish,  artists with sack lunch are welcomed to gather after for a chat.