Monday, June 29, 2015

Sunrise Beach July 2nd

Charli finds her way to
having it "made in  the shade".
Cathie paints a rooster scupture hiding in the shade
   Last week artists enjoyed Rosedale Gardens for a destination of sun and shade. Since we were begining the rise to warmer temps the shade was a sought after commodity that many of us took advantage of... except for Cathie and the chicken.
... while the chicken takes in the sun.
Where was Carlene in all of this?
   This week we visit a nice little spot of local serenity called Sunrise Beach that incidentally is best lit in morning light. Seeing as we have a morning schedual and a serious low tide at 12:08 to receed -2.6' it only seems right to take advantage of this part-time beach in all it's accessibility!
beach access when the tide recedes
 Those who aren't into the abstractions of driftwood and stone shores, there is a nice view across the water from the beach. that ripens with color as the day grows longer.
looking across Colvos passage
 For the land lover there are beautiful large trees and a grassy hill that leads to the water from the parking lot (where the bathrooms can be found). Ease into the park from the main road  as the path is steep and a little rutty. Park opens at dawn, if you wish to work by the park's name sake, but I won't be there until 9:30 ish- come and go as you please. Bring a sack lunch and an appetite for nature for this event- your creating toys are always welcome! 

Look for this sign  on the left
to turn into park off main  road.

Direcions: From Hwy 16 take the Wollochet Drive exit towards the familiar historic waterfront. At the light/T junction  Harborview Drive and turn left, staying on Harborview as it veers right by the museum, hugging the water. At the T junction with Vernhardson St, turn right. Go to Crescent Valley Drive NW and turn left. Go 0.6 mile and turn right on Drummond Drive. Go 0.8 mile to the T junction at Moller Drive NW, jog right, then left onto Sunrise Beach Road at the Sunrise Beach Park sign.GPS driven folks... plug 10015 Sunrise Beach Dr NW, Gig Harbor into your devices.

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