Monday, June 1, 2015

Fox Island Bridge- June 4th

Kathy sketching inside
Skansie Netshed
Myrna painting outside the Skansie
Perfect weather for the 1st event of the season as we cleared out the cobwebs on our plein air skills. Personally I had 3 shortcomings to distract me but still managed to accomplish something in our visit to the Skansie Netshed. Special thanks to the city of Gig Harbor for allowing access into the building for our artists.
Fox Island Bridge

 This week we enjoying a serious minus tide to sneak out to Fox Island and take advantage of the well kept secret, the sand spit park, with easy parking right off the bridge in low tide. By 10 am tides should be at 2 foot and receding to a whopping (-2.2) low tide by 1 pm. Dramatic bridge, perhaps mirror stillness with a little morning fog or possible olympic range mountains making an appearance... it's a solace of creative possibilities to push the depth depicted in such a scene. Pack a sandwich and your other (art) goodies and come join me from 10-noon! If you don't see the little red truck parked at the far side of the bridge then I'll be working on the sand spit... perhaps a better view?
Sand Spit Park

From Hwy 16 west bound (from Tacoma Narrows Bridge) exit Wollochet take a left. East bound (from Bremerton/p.Orchard) take a right onto Wollochet.
Follow to 70th Ave NW and take a left.
Come to a T and veer right onto Warren Dr NW which will take you across a bridge to Fox Island.
Towards the end of said bridge will be a small pull in area to park but if you want to go to the park (bathrooms located there) continue on to Bella Bella and hang a right.Follow the road to the end (before it turns left) where you will see limited parking at a chain link fence that gives you access into the park and the bathrooms.

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