Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Austin Estuary/Donkey Creek June 11th

Path to Donkey Creek ( to the right) from Austin Estuary
Path behind History Harbor Museum from Donkey Creek.
After a toasty day on the bridge last week, we will be laying low in the "below the street" location of either Austin Estuary or Donkey Creek. Behind the History Harbor Museum there is a winding path that follows from the tide area harbor into the creek portion of the newly established waterways to tie the two parks together. The usual beauty of Gig Harbor awaits our creative inspiration with easy, non time limited parking spaces- some in the shade. Plenty of places to grab a bite close or pack a lunch but start time will be 9:30 a.m for beautiful lighting. Bring your sunscreen if you plan to work close to the water.

From Hwy 16 take the Wollochet exit North down the hill towards the historical waterfront (Wollochet changing to Pioneer) just like when we went to the Skansie Netshed. It will dead end at a flashing red light (Harborview dr).Turn left on Harborview and follow it along the water way until you see the  gas station like car service repair place and the History Harbor Museum on the right and the Christmas store, Thai House restaurant, ect on the left. The road forks to the right (or goes forward)  which flanks 2 of the 3 sides to Donkey creek. Fork to the right and find a place to park around those 3 streets surrounding the park. Restrooms are in Donkey creek.
    Austin Estuary is just before the fork and businesses on the right, behind the museum. You can also park on the street  leading up to the Estuary (before the right fork). Austin Estuary may be accessed through Donkey creek, a stairwell off the fork in the road which takes you down towards the museum (the walking path connecting the 2 parks is behind the museum access thru the parking lot) or off harborside drive. Look for the lil red truck... and the white shirted artist painting in the straw hat.

For all you GPS travelers, the address for Donkey Creek Park is 8714 North Harorview Drive.

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  1. Sorry I can't join you this week- but maybe next week you'll come see me? Happy Painting! Anne