Monday, June 29, 2015

Sunrise Beach July 2nd

Charli finds her way to
having it "made in  the shade".
Cathie paints a rooster scupture hiding in the shade
   Last week artists enjoyed Rosedale Gardens for a destination of sun and shade. Since we were begining the rise to warmer temps the shade was a sought after commodity that many of us took advantage of... except for Cathie and the chicken.
... while the chicken takes in the sun.
Where was Carlene in all of this?
   This week we visit a nice little spot of local serenity called Sunrise Beach that incidentally is best lit in morning light. Seeing as we have a morning schedual and a serious low tide at 12:08 to receed -2.6' it only seems right to take advantage of this part-time beach in all it's accessibility!
beach access when the tide recedes
 Those who aren't into the abstractions of driftwood and stone shores, there is a nice view across the water from the beach. that ripens with color as the day grows longer.
looking across Colvos passage
 For the land lover there are beautiful large trees and a grassy hill that leads to the water from the parking lot (where the bathrooms can be found). Ease into the park from the main road  as the path is steep and a little rutty. Park opens at dawn, if you wish to work by the park's name sake, but I won't be there until 9:30 ish- come and go as you please. Bring a sack lunch and an appetite for nature for this event- your creating toys are always welcome! 

Look for this sign  on the left
to turn into park off main  road.

Direcions: From Hwy 16 take the Wollochet Drive exit towards the familiar historic waterfront. At the light/T junction  Harborview Drive and turn left, staying on Harborview as it veers right by the museum, hugging the water. At the T junction with Vernhardson St, turn right. Go to Crescent Valley Drive NW and turn left. Go 0.6 mile and turn right on Drummond Drive. Go 0.8 mile to the T junction at Moller Drive NW, jog right, then left onto Sunrise Beach Road at the Sunrise Beach Park sign.GPS driven folks... plug 10015 Sunrise Beach Dr NW, Gig Harbor into your devices.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Rosedale Gardens June 25th

Nice deck looks down
over main retail area of plants
Outskirts of property has
 natural/non retail areas
   This week we will attend a whimsical place called Rosedale Gardens in Gig Harbor. Although it is a retail nursery, there products are displayed among many permanent garden like features from walking paths to arbors and tiered decks that look out over the property. There is sun, shade and some shelter sprinkled throughout. Rain or shine, whether you want to do a study of a specific plant that you don't have in your own garden or enjoy the efforts of somebody else's landscaping, there will be plenty of garden like inspiration to create from... and perhaps something to take home.
   Since it is retail establishment I ask that you don't park in front of the store so that we can be respectful of their customer clientele.  Our hostess says that there is plenty of parking at the top of the property (look for the my lil red truck) just after you turn off of Rosedale, She is asking us to park there for our event and is expecting us to arrive at 9:30. Bring a lunch if you want to join us after the event for a little "munch and chat".
Sasquasch lives in Rosedale
...bring a big lunch
Directions: Take the all too familiar Wollochet exit from hwy 16. If you are coming from the east instead of turning left at the light (to head toward the waterfront) proceed forward and the street becomes Stinson. From the west turn left at 1st light, pass over 16 and the next light will be Stinson where you turn left again. Pass a gas station and come to a 4 way stop sign- proceed forward. The next 4 way stop sign (you see goodwill drop off truck on left and recyle bins on right far corner), this will be Rosedale- take a left. Follow this (under hwy 16) about 2.2 miles and Rosedale gardens will be on the right. Park on that street and walk down the other inlet onto property to work.

For all you GPS folks plug in:7311 Rosedale Street NW  98335, Gig Harbor, WA

Friday, June 19, 2015

Summer Solstice Sneek peek... turning up the heat in July for plein air

Plein air artists on the move
 Greetings fellow artists! As you might have noticed, June focused on the convenience of familiar local sites and developing our routines for working weekly en plein air. As for July, I thought we could color outside the lines a wee bit and visit a few new or less familiar sites I found further from "downtown central". Interested? Check it out:

July 2nd- Sunrise Beach Park
July 9th- Maritime Pier (your monthly Netshed views... as promised )
July 16th-Private Estate near Horsehead Bay area
July 23th- Lavender Farm
July 30th- Private Estate near Sehmel Park area

  Stay tuned as I will post all the details for each event the week they are to be hosted. Also keep in mind that the PAL Arts Festival is also in the month of July  (18&19th). While volunteers for the demo tent on Sunday is covered, Saturday could still use some artists in the afternoon. You need not be a plein air artists to demo... any practice of creativity is welcomed!  Contact me soon if you can spare 2-4 hours on Saturday (volunteering gets you that way cool festival t-shirt you know) and I'll get you signed up. Thanks- Feather

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Come over and paint in my (Anne Knapp's) Garden on Thursday- 9am till ? We still have some construction going on my upstairs deck, but once you get in back garden, there's some stuff to paint. Lilies and Daylilies are blooming, cherries are ripe, trees and grapes are full of fruit. Also can paint down at community beach/dock (check in with me to get access) with great view of Rainier, & usually at least 1 boat- but bring an umbrella 'cause there is NO SHADE (except under dock).If it drizzles... maybe we can do it another time?
Directions to Anne & Bob's:
5810 19th St Ct NW GH 98332 house phone 253.265-6700
From 16- take Wollochet exit- at 5th signal, turn left to stay on Wollochet. Follow as it turns left then right- go to next cross street- 24th St- turn right. Follow 24th up hill- watch left for Seafox Estates/59th Av. Turn left on 59th Av, once street starts to go downhill- watch left for 19th St Ct NW- turn left- we are beige house with blue trim on right side corner. (If you are coming from a different direction, call or email)
OK to park on gravel or in cul de sac- just don't block any driveways.Hope to see you- Anne K

Monday, June 15, 2015

The Knapp Estate June 18

Lunch On the deck
   It was "party on the patio" when a few artists gathered beneath dueling umbrellas for a spot of lunch after the morning session of last weeks event between Donkey Creek and Austin Estuary. It started with a wee bit of overcast before doing it's typical  mid morning burn off for sunshine. After lunch we returned to creating  just a short strole down the street in the Finholm area for a 2nd afternoon session. I was solicited by a shop owner who is very interested in having artists demo/work there on Thursdays from 4-7. They would be welcomed to sell thier artwork/no commission. If you have an interest  contact me and I'll get you hooked up.
View from the shore in Cromwell
   This week (after the Gig Harbor Garden pre-tour on Sunday) you might be interested to work in our 1st garden of the season, begining with Anne and Robert Knapp's place. You will find an abundance of lovingly created spaces including, a garden, flowers, pond and no lack of birds... if you can paint that fast. Within a short distance the Cromwell waterfront is also accessible if your looking for a more vast scene . Stay tuned as your hostess, Anne, will post more info/directions/pictures  soon.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Skansie additional event Wednesday June 17th

Avalon study @ Skansie 6x8 oil on linen
 For all you who have an interest in Skansie Netshed interior access, I will be steward for the city in assisting the Urban Sketcher Tacoma group at the Netshed this Wednesday for our drawing event from 10-12:30. Although the emphasis is "sketching an area to show your surroundings /environment" there is no stipulation on medium to specifically draw paint or otherwise. They are a good group of artists and have invited us to join them any time. So if you've wanted to check out the group, here is your opportunity to join us locally... and get in a little more Netshed time for either of the 2 upcoming shows this fall.
  See for more info.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Austin Estuary/Donkey Creek June 11th

Path to Donkey Creek ( to the right) from Austin Estuary
Path behind History Harbor Museum from Donkey Creek.
After a toasty day on the bridge last week, we will be laying low in the "below the street" location of either Austin Estuary or Donkey Creek. Behind the History Harbor Museum there is a winding path that follows from the tide area harbor into the creek portion of the newly established waterways to tie the two parks together. The usual beauty of Gig Harbor awaits our creative inspiration with easy, non time limited parking spaces- some in the shade. Plenty of places to grab a bite close or pack a lunch but start time will be 9:30 a.m for beautiful lighting. Bring your sunscreen if you plan to work close to the water.

From Hwy 16 take the Wollochet exit North down the hill towards the historical waterfront (Wollochet changing to Pioneer) just like when we went to the Skansie Netshed. It will dead end at a flashing red light (Harborview dr).Turn left on Harborview and follow it along the water way until you see the  gas station like car service repair place and the History Harbor Museum on the right and the Christmas store, Thai House restaurant, ect on the left. The road forks to the right (or goes forward)  which flanks 2 of the 3 sides to Donkey creek. Fork to the right and find a place to park around those 3 streets surrounding the park. Restrooms are in Donkey creek.
    Austin Estuary is just before the fork and businesses on the right, behind the museum. You can also park on the street  leading up to the Estuary (before the right fork). Austin Estuary may be accessed through Donkey creek, a stairwell off the fork in the road which takes you down towards the museum (the walking path connecting the 2 parks is behind the museum access thru the parking lot) or off harborside drive. Look for the lil red truck... and the white shirted artist painting in the straw hat.

For all you GPS travelers, the address for Donkey Creek Park is 8714 North Harorview Drive.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Fox Island Bridge- June 4th

Kathy sketching inside
Skansie Netshed
Myrna painting outside the Skansie
Perfect weather for the 1st event of the season as we cleared out the cobwebs on our plein air skills. Personally I had 3 shortcomings to distract me but still managed to accomplish something in our visit to the Skansie Netshed. Special thanks to the city of Gig Harbor for allowing access into the building for our artists.
Fox Island Bridge

 This week we enjoying a serious minus tide to sneak out to Fox Island and take advantage of the well kept secret, the sand spit park, with easy parking right off the bridge in low tide. By 10 am tides should be at 2 foot and receding to a whopping (-2.2) low tide by 1 pm. Dramatic bridge, perhaps mirror stillness with a little morning fog or possible olympic range mountains making an appearance... it's a solace of creative possibilities to push the depth depicted in such a scene. Pack a sandwich and your other (art) goodies and come join me from 10-noon! If you don't see the little red truck parked at the far side of the bridge then I'll be working on the sand spit... perhaps a better view?
Sand Spit Park

From Hwy 16 west bound (from Tacoma Narrows Bridge) exit Wollochet take a left. East bound (from Bremerton/p.Orchard) take a right onto Wollochet.
Follow to 70th Ave NW and take a left.
Come to a T and veer right onto Warren Dr NW which will take you across a bridge to Fox Island.
Towards the end of said bridge will be a small pull in area to park but if you want to go to the park (bathrooms located there) continue on to Bella Bella and hang a right.Follow the road to the end (before it turns left) where you will see limited parking at a chain link fence that gives you access into the park and the bathrooms.