Monday, May 25, 2015

Welcome to Plein Air 2015 may 25th

Claude Monet painting by the edge of a wood
by John Singer Sargent
   Greetings artists and welcome to  the Peninsula Arts League plein air 2015 season. It has been a very warm spring which puts us about 3 weeks further along then we average. Lets hope that this summer is as incredible as it was last year so that we can all enjoy an abundance of opportunities to escape the studio and reconnect with other artists. I've been exploring the puget sound to bring you some new and exciting sites this year to further expand your knowledge of the area and round out your plein air oppertunities.
   Artists practicing any medium, from photography to printmaking, are welcome to come observe nature with fellow artists to enjoy a weekly outing of creative fun. I recommend that you bring sunscreen, water, perhaps something to sit on, maybe a spot of lunch and whatever medium you enjoy using to sketch, paint, sculpt... on site every Thursday morning from Memorial day through Labor day.  Specific time and place will be posted here weekly. The best way to not miss an event is to subscribe below. Get in touch with your inner Monet, Sargent... or whoever inspires you and join us!

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