Friday, May 15, 2015

Plein air begins May 28.

Winslow Homer- Artists Sketching in the White Mountains
   I have been scouting sites for this years plein air events with many new and exciting things in the works. The 1st month we will start out locally to gently get our members back in the practice of working outside the studio. Since we will be doing a 2nd showing of the Netshed theme this fall at the History Harbor Museum, I am trying to schedule a monthly visit to include Netshed access for those who hope to get a new piece or rework a previous study for the show. I have also gotten requests for Urban scenes so am including sites for those who enjoy the architectural  perspective challenge. Add in the beautiful landscapes and gardens that Puget Sound is known for and it should be a nice variety of plein air opportunities this summer.
   The important thing is to be sure that you are subscribed to this blog so that you will have all the information delivered to your email in time to know our next destination. (See the subscribe by email below). So keep your Thursday mornings open, pack a sandwich
and some toys and come join us... En Plein air!

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