Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Skansie Netshed- May 28th

Skansie Netshed
   Our first site of the season will be at the Skansie Netshed. This Gig Harbor landmark (built in 1910) is in the  historical waterfront area at 3313 Harborview Dr, Gig Harbor, WA 98332. Located in Skansie Brother's Park, it is a blue building with orange trim and redish roof (see http://www.cityofgigharbor.net/gig-harbor-historic-netsheds/ for more info).
   There is a covered area, a park, dock, restrooms and plenty of folks milling around outside. Inside is a collection of navel stuff from boats and tools to floats and nets... imagine that! So join us for the 1st opportunity to gather for this plein air event where we will revisit different Netsheds once a month. This gives you  a chance to create a new work for the show this Fall (annual plein air show or Netshed II) ... or just get a little practice at a local venue as we gear up for the future challenges we have in store this year. Start time for the interior is 9:30 A.M. and goes til noon only as new owners are anxious to get it locked up via thier people, thus we must vacate. If you choose to paint the exterior you are welcome to come before of after set hours of the event.
Items in the Nestshed- 7x11 watercolor study

From Hwy 16 take the Wollochet exit. If you are  west bound (from the Narrows Bridge) take a right at the light onto Wollochet and continue through 3 lights. If you are east bound (from Bremerton/Port Orchard) take a left through 4 lights.
Shortly afterwards Wollochet it will descend downhill towards the water front and mysteriously become Pioneer road until it dead ends at a 3 way stop (T in the road at a flashing red light).
You will turn left which puts you onto Harborview drive. The Netshed is a little ways down on the right. Parking is free but most of the road is 2 hour parking on the street so plan to either work fast or relocate your vehicle. Please be respectful and save spaces in business lots for their shopping customers. Also there is a cute trolly that runs along the waterfront and is  $ .50 to ride if you insist upon not wanting to move your car: park & ride is on Kimble road- one of those off  right turns off Wollochet before you head downhill. See you there!

Monday, May 25, 2015

Welcome to Plein Air 2015 may 25th

Claude Monet painting by the edge of a wood
by John Singer Sargent
   Greetings artists and welcome to  the Peninsula Arts League plein air 2015 season. It has been a very warm spring which puts us about 3 weeks further along then we average. Lets hope that this summer is as incredible as it was last year so that we can all enjoy an abundance of opportunities to escape the studio and reconnect with other artists. I've been exploring the puget sound to bring you some new and exciting sites this year to further expand your knowledge of the area and round out your plein air oppertunities.
   Artists practicing any medium, from photography to printmaking, are welcome to come observe nature with fellow artists to enjoy a weekly outing of creative fun. I recommend that you bring sunscreen, water, perhaps something to sit on, maybe a spot of lunch and whatever medium you enjoy using to sketch, paint, sculpt... on site every Thursday morning from Memorial day through Labor day.  Specific time and place will be posted here weekly. The best way to not miss an event is to subscribe below. Get in touch with your inner Monet, Sargent... or whoever inspires you and join us!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Plein air/Garden Tour 2015

"Shoes on the pourch"  Garden tour 2013
On behalf of Esther Ellickson and the Gig Harbor Garden Tour... I am forwarding the invitation to make art at the garden tours here for our plein air enthusiasts. The places are beautiful, the hosts kind and the exposure to 100s of people/audience is one of the best experiences an artist could ask for.
    I have participated the last 4 years and aside from bad weather last year, I have enjoyed the opportunity of collaboration with fellow creative spirits (home owners) that open up their estates to the public to raise money for a great cause that benefits our community. I encourage you to email Esther soon (estopesto@centurytel.net) to let her know if you are interested in participating so she can get you the "all access pass" to this great opportunity. Pretour date is June 14th.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Plein air begins May 28.

Winslow Homer- Artists Sketching in the White Mountains
   I have been scouting sites for this years plein air events with many new and exciting things in the works. The 1st month we will start out locally to gently get our members back in the practice of working outside the studio. Since we will be doing a 2nd showing of the Netshed theme this fall at the History Harbor Museum, I am trying to schedule a monthly visit to include Netshed access for those who hope to get a new piece or rework a previous study for the show. I have also gotten requests for Urban scenes so am including sites for those who enjoy the architectural  perspective challenge. Add in the beautiful landscapes and gardens that Puget Sound is known for and it should be a nice variety of plein air opportunities this summer.
   The important thing is to be sure that you are subscribed to this blog so that you will have all the information delivered to your email in time to know our next destination. (See the subscribe by email below). So keep your Thursday mornings open, pack a sandwich
and some toys and come join us... En Plein air!

Friday, May 1, 2015

Plein Air Season 2015

     This year Plein Air events start after Memorial Day and goes through Labor Day- on Thursday mornings. Anne and Feather will be "tag-teaming facilitators", to cover our plein air events this year to try and bring you a summer's worth of weekly variety in your creative challenges. We meet on site Thursday mornings (9-10am depending on location and current weather) to work in paint, pen, pencil, pastel, printmaking... whatever you choose for your medium, for 2-3 hours of creating together. It's a great way to get out of your studio and enjoy your summer with other artists.
   To get your plein air news and info look no further than here the PAL blog. You can even subscribe below and have the info delivered to your email with each update. For last minute updates, if you were not on the Plein Air email master list last year, please sign up with Anne Knapp (annemknapp@gmail.com).

Here are first 4 Outings. Look for a more complete list in the June newsletter.
May 28th Skansie Netshed
June 4th Fox Island Boat Launch area- big minus tides
June 11th Austin Estuary/Donkey Creek area
June 18th Anne Knapp’s Garden in am, bring lunch, go paint on beach or on dock (minus tide) in afternoon

Other Opportunities:
Gig Harbor Garden Tour is June 27th 28th They need a new liaison for “Artists in the Garden”. Contact Inez Ritchey at miritchey@centurytel.net .
Gig Harbor Garden Tour Show at TCC Gig Harbor from June 15th –June 26th. If you have art from last year- make sure to contact Anne Knapp. Watch for email updates!
Peninsula Art League's Summer Arts Festival is July 18th & 19. We need creative members to sign up for a 2-4 hour time slot in which we will be making art in the demo tent to show our community what we do as artists. Please contact Feather (gypsieartist@hotmail.com) to reserve a time slot so we can accommodate you in the tent while you work on your art.
                 Hmnnn... volunteer 4 hours, make art in tent with friends, get a free festival shirt!