Wednesday, August 13, 2014

August 14th appreciating the local beauty- Gig Harborside

the light at which i may be seen painting
across the street view from the light
 We are scheduled to work along Harborview Drive in Gig Harbor this week.  There are any number of interesting historical street front businesses along a 3 block section of Harborview.  
heading down the road towards said light
cute church on right
There is the cute white church 1/2 block up from Harborview on Pioneer, the "bird wall" by Wild Birds Unlimited store, funky little Mostly Books, Skansie Netshed,  Fisherman's Memorial Statue by Jerisich Dock, Tides Tavern & the new Maritime pier. Further down harborview, there is the Ship to Shore complex with the waterfalls and access to the water near Netshed #9 Restaurant.  There are boats and kayaks and all kinds of maritime "stuff" alongside the road.

Where to Meet:
Meet  between 9:30 and 10am where Pioneer meets Harborview at the stop sign/blinking light- right in front of old brick 2 story building-Windemere Realty (used to be Harbor Inn). I'll be within sight of the light. 
From Hwy 16 take either Olympic exit or Wollochet/Pioneer exit and turn toward downtown (North) and follow Soundview Dr (by Olympic) or Pioneer (by Wollochet) down hill to Harborview Drive.
Parking is allowed along Harborview, in the lot on Judson and along Judson St, or across the street from the Green Turtle beneath the trees.
view from the grounds around the green turtle
If you paint on property of business- always check with owner first (they are usually pretty tickled to be "immortalized") and stay safe from traffic if you are in parking lot. Make sure to bring some business cards and show any artwork you are pleased with to owners.

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