Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Aug 21 PA venue: Super nature or supernatural?

long lake
   Thursday Aug 21st we paint at Long Lake in Port Orchard.  Long Lake is off HWY 16 between Sedgewick and Mullenix- but the entrance is on the Sedgewick side...  might want to pack a sack lunch for this trip.
From Hwy 16- take the Sedgewick exit (if coming from Gig Harbor- turn right onto Sedgewick) 
Follow Sedgewick 2.4 miles to Long Lake Road Southeast-
turn right  on Long Lake Rd- follow into park- my favorite spot is by the 
boat launch/ fishing pier to left side of Park building.
9x12  plien air study long lake
      Last time we were painting in this local an interesting phenomenon of a cloudy morning turned to  a light fog, suddenly became a darkness cloaked in heavy stillness before lifting abruptly and letting in a beautiful late morning  sunshine for the painters. It made for a pleasing light for my birchs on the bank of the lily pond. I believe tomorrows morning forecast begins with overcast.. lets see if the rest of the event is supernatural.

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