Sunday, July 27, 2014

Skansie Netshed 7/24/2014

We are so LUCKY- Feather worked with Lita Dawn Stanton  to get us access INSIDE Skansie Netshed. I would say there are 100 different paintings inside this 'shed for me- then of course, every artist would bring their own vision/style to make to possibilities endless. Feather and I painted inside, Charli Meacham and Cathie Johnson were painting out on the back deck, others came to sketch and photo, and Carlene Salazar painted Skansie Netshed from the Park Pavilion. I did a study of one little part of one wall, lit by the side windows morning light, on a brown panel. Lita Dawn wanted us to knaw that this Netshed belongs to ALL of us- and that we are welcome to come again. Hmmm... maybe this would be a good option if we get rained out later in the season?

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