Sunday, July 27, 2014

PAL Festival Art Demo Tent July 19-20

Up near the food and the music stage, we had a double tent and great new banners proclaiming "Art Demonstration". It was nice to paint with live music! I brought some flowers and veggies from the garden to paint, in case artists did not have photo reference or plan to paint Festival. I liked my little sunflower painting that I did on Sunday. Thanks to all the PAL Artists who demonstrated their art mediums and skills: Feather Hilger, Lynda Lindner, Pat Lebbert, Mimi Van Ballenberghe, Donna Trent, Pat Meras, JoAnn Sullivan, Chris Bronstad, Lola Waller, Stevie Cardinal, Cathie Johnson, Myrna Binion, Pat Rush (and me- Anne Knapp). I hope I did not forget anyone!

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