Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Next stop for plein air... Purdy!

view of bay
 Yes- some of us have been to Purdy Spit before but we have not had such a majorly Minus Tide in a long time. Anne plans to paint a vista of Burley lagoon from the Lagoon side.(Time non specified-call her if you can't find her.) Feather plans to be on site by 9:30 and park somewhere between Mossimo's and the gas station to investigate the near bridge side which faces Henderson Bay... look for lil red truck. Although there is word of possibile passing showers your facilitators will be on site in the morning rain or shine. If you have not been there before, please be very careful if you intend to paint on the spit area (like Anne)- the traffic can be fast and thick,  sometimes the pathways through rocks to beach are "challenging"- and it is also noisy from traffic.

purdy bridge

   There is a good view of Purdy Bridge from behind the gas station near bridge-a much quieter and safer spot- and you had good view with out climbing down. Be aware of a possible camp or teen hangout under bridge if you are  painting solo. See ya Thursday!
 Directions: From Hwy 16- take the Purdy exit -if coming from PT Orchard- if you want to join Anne on the spit- turn right at 2nd signal, cross bridge and go past most of narrow spit and CAREFULLY turn left onto boat launch area- go back the way you came to park alongside road (parking is only on the northbound side) -If you want to find Feather between Mossimo's and gas station look to pull in the parking lot (gas station on corner)at the 302 light that turns at the T... look for the lil' red truck. Recommended to parking uphill of restaurant (save primo spots for patrons!) Anne suggests meeting there for lunch about 1pm but Feather will not be in attendance.
 If coming from Gig Harbor- from Purdy exit- sometimes traffic will allow you to turn left into the parking lot on waterside (left) BEFORE the signal by Purdy Bridge- if you wish to meet at Mossimos. Sometimes you need to use left turn signal and turn left towards bridge then left into parking- just BE CAREFUL and watch for traffic. If you can't turn in- drive across bridge and spit and do the left hand turn (carefully!) into boat launch area- and turn and go back across bridge and then turn right into parking- or park before then and join me! Usually traffic after 9am is light- especially now that school is out.

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