Saturday, September 21, 2013

Netshed event... the "real" deal.

Loading Nets at the Netshed

Anne draws a crowd

 It was a perfect day for painting the netsheds this week as we begin to wind down the plein air season. Beginning behind #10 the waters were as still as glass for the morning session. After lunch at Tides we were given permission to work off the walkway that leads to their floating dock towards Netsheds # 13 & #14 Babich... the working Netsheds. There was a beautiful wooden sail boats, giant starfish, Mount Rainier in all her full glory and... low and behold, the boat The Night Hawk loading and unloading nets. There must have been a half a dozen nets sprawled along the dock before the shed in a dazzling display of late summer's sun to reinforce "what it's all about". There I stood in admiration as a crew of guys shuffled the lines and packed the nets to cart away... through the Netshed.

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