Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Netshed session July 25th: Another week... another challenge,

Hi all- we are planning to meet 9 am-noon (or longer) at Eddon Boat Shop/Park. Follow Harborview Drive (north/left) away from city center. Eddon is the white building on right where Stinson connects to harborview (glass shop on the left- boatshop on the right). Anne plans to be in the grassy park area and Feather will most likely be on or near the dock just behind the boatshop. There are other sites close by to consider- past Eddon you can peek down at Netshed #2 or below- or there is net shed (3) that can be viewed from the park. If you need a netshed break, today I was painting the unique Eddon Boatshop building, there are nice water views and a dock and deck (some shade) to paint from as well as restroom to use by old brick house in park. Bring a hat and sunscreen- the fog may burn off sooner. A sack lunch is suggested, beneath the trees at the picnic table but there is a variety of "munch houses" less than 1/2 a mile in either direction on Harborview. Tide table says- hi tide (11 ft) at 7:10- LOW (minus) tide 1pm ish for Thursday.
We hope to see you there.

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