Saturday, September 21, 2013

Netshed event... the "real" deal.

Loading Nets at the Netshed

Anne draws a crowd

 It was a perfect day for painting the netsheds this week as we begin to wind down the plein air season. Beginning behind #10 the waters were as still as glass for the morning session. After lunch at Tides we were given permission to work off the walkway that leads to their floating dock towards Netsheds # 13 & #14 Babich... the working Netsheds. There was a beautiful wooden sail boats, giant starfish, Mount Rainier in all her full glory and... low and behold, the boat The Night Hawk loading and unloading nets. There must have been a half a dozen nets sprawled along the dock before the shed in a dazzling display of late summer's sun to reinforce "what it's all about". There I stood in admiration as a crew of guys shuffled the lines and packed the nets to cart away... through the Netshed.

Netshed... on the water adventure


Plein air facilitator Anne, vessel Captain Tom and Historical preservationist Lita- Dawn.
  It was all smiles on the Destiny Cruise as it set sail around the Harbor... in search of Netsheds! Lita Dawn was on deck to inform the artists about the netsheds and answer questions.

Netshed event-#2 & #3

Netshed from the deck

Netshed from the dock

Artist gathered around the netsheds with pastels, paints and pencils for a sunny day of Netshed Challenge in the mid of summer. From dock to deck and porch to sidewalk they peppered the shores of the harbor to unify in the observations.

Netshed from the shade.

Netshed from the shores.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Netshed session July 25th: Another week... another challenge,

Hi all- we are planning to meet 9 am-noon (or longer) at Eddon Boat Shop/Park. Follow Harborview Drive (north/left) away from city center. Eddon is the white building on right where Stinson connects to harborview (glass shop on the left- boatshop on the right). Anne plans to be in the grassy park area and Feather will most likely be on or near the dock just behind the boatshop. There are other sites close by to consider- past Eddon you can peek down at Netshed #2 or below- or there is net shed (3) that can be viewed from the park. If you need a netshed break, today I was painting the unique Eddon Boatshop building, there are nice water views and a dock and deck (some shade) to paint from as well as restroom to use by old brick house in park. Bring a hat and sunscreen- the fog may burn off sooner. A sack lunch is suggested, beneath the trees at the picnic table but there is a variety of "munch houses" less than 1/2 a mile in either direction on Harborview. Tide table says- hi tide (11 ft) at 7:10- LOW (minus) tide 1pm ish for Thursday.
We hope to see you there.

Netshed #9, 10, 8...

5 artists interpreting 3 different netsheds
It was a good turn out at the plein air session for the Netshed #9 outing last week. Numerous artists brought pad, pencil, paint and pastels to render one of 5 netsheds along  a small section of the central waterfront. From Skansie to Bujacich, spectators were both intrigued and curiosity as they to learn what their community was attempting with    The Netshed Challenge.

Elissa talks "paint" with spectator.
    While many artist gathered at Netshed #9 for lunch, it was right back to the docks for another creative session into the  latter afternoon.
Patricia studies
her subject.

Join us next week for another adventure in creativity... and bring your hat!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Netshed Challenge: on site session July 18th

Paint with Plein Air Group Thurs morning July 18th 9am- 1-ish
Jerisich Park and/or Netshed #9 (formerly Red Rooster Cafe) 3313 Harborview Dr behind Ship to Shore marine store.
Be courteous when painting on retail areas- if no one is already painting there- ask before setting up. Park on street NOT in net shed/retail parking lot. Walk around and look for a vista that appeals to you- take photos and have fun!!!
If you need more specific directions please email.

Introducing... The Netshed Challenge

Skansie Netshed
   Peninsula Arts League is proud to present: The Netshed Challenge. Local artist are gathering this summer to sketch, paint, photograph... artistically interpret the netsheds in historical downtown Gig Harbors along the scenic shoreline.
    There are 17 netsheds along the pleasant waterfront stroll. Though some may only be viewed from the water, many have easy viewing accessed from public areas. Please be mindful to private property and DO NOT TRESPASS.

Netshed maps for self guided tours can be found at the
3125 Judson Street
253 857 4842
Gig Harbor Civic Center
3510 Grandview ST(253) 853-3554
 or access information on viewing, history ect. concerning the 17 structures by going to:
   Plein air events will be scheduled on Thursdays or Saturdays throughout the summer to give opportunity for artists to work together and spectators to watch the artists at work. For those who are looking for a different perspective so that they may gather images to working in studio, there will be a Netshed cruise chartered for waterway viewing. These events will be created through Peninsula Art League's plein air group facilitators and posted here. If you have questions or want to be a part of this project and receive e-vitations to the gatherings you may contact
Stay tuned for the latest info in... The Netshed Project!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Water and bridges and trains- oh my!


 Excuse # 117 for missing plein air Thursdays,
 "The model won't stand still."
 Another round of plein air troopers took off to Titlow park this week despite the moody clouds. While rewarded with the vast possibilities of inspirational things to paint there was no need for anybody to toot thier own horn. The passing train took all the glory sending those on the wrong side of the tracks to take frequent yet brief breaks to put down the paintbrush and practice ear plugging exercises. Warning: plein air painting could be detrimental to your health. Tune in with us next time when we embark upon the adventure of painting at low tide... beneath the piers!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

...And so it begins, a breath of plein air.

Artists along the pond's rail

   Today was the first of many plein air outings scheduled for 2013 and it couldn't have been more perfect. About a dozen or more happy artists descended upon Sehmel Park to appreciate forest, fauna and ...frogs? 
Myrna... outstanding in her field
   Yes the pond wanders (artists working near the water) were serenaded with tweets and croaks most the morning while the crew on the hill (of foxgloves) were all a buzz.
Pat painting the foxgloves

   Come join us every Thursday morning to soak up the local beauty as we gather to observe and record nature at her finest! Contact Anne Knapp to get on the  weekly info mailings as the location changes weekly. Next week: Titlow Park, Tacomma.
Anne beneath the shade
 of her tailgate

Cathie & Greg
working in watercolors

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Adventures in Seattle with the Friday Portrait Group

      If you haven't gone yet, the show at the SAM (Kenwood House Collection) is worth the travels to see some incredible work. The show is mainly master paintings with a small collection of etchings. The Friday Portrait group organized transportation (ride share van) and took a crew of us up to Seattle for good art, good food and great fun.

Friday, January 4, 2013

New Blog for 2013

   In effort to push and praise the almighty sketch, I have begun a new project in 2013. A blog called Gypsy Artist Sketchbook  which invites all creative folks (for profession or folly, musician or mathematician) to join in speculation and inspiration of that which fuels the fire to creativity.  Please stop in (only a click away) to view and comment or better yet if you have specific input or pages from your sketchbook you would be willing to share please email Feather and I'll get it working. Thanks and have a creative 2013.