Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Amazing Open Show at Civic Center!

The Peninsula Art League's 7th Annual Open Juried Show at the Gig Harbor Civic Center is truely amazing. The wide variety of mediums, styles, and approaches represented makes you wonder how the jurors (Dan Riley and Joe MacKechnie) could ever choose the award winners. Kari Tirrell's pastel, "Sunny Spot", the Best of Show winner is in view as you come in the front- great soft detail and mood of a lounging golden retriever, hangs close by PAL Board award winner, "Kimonoscape", a collage by Fumiko Kimura, featuring great movement and intriguing juxtaposition of pattern. Lynda Lindner's First Place winning portrait of "Sarah" is spellbinding- the clarity of the eye is especially amazing. George Milliken' s watercolor of "Peggy's Cove" won 2nd place, is a great example of technical excellence tempered by love of place. Cal Capener's "Katrina", in oil, won 3rd Palace, and while it was worthy of the award, his "Nisqually Wildlife Refuge" drew me even more. The photography in the show is really superlative- Donald Cayce's photo, "Dry Flowers" won Honorable mention, but all is really worth studying. Marti Green's watercolor "Winter Mountain" also won Honorable mention, watch for her "Hollyhocks" too, both have great spontaneity. Jiachang Xu's "Lady with a Violin" is a very free and textural portrait in oil, and Mike Ferguson's acrylic 'Blanket on Box", a quirky colorful piece; both won Donor awards, and both had other equally great pieces in the show. The noteworthy thing about this show is the consistent quality of the artwork, each piece has an original view or handling. I have been through a few times and I am still finding new aspects of the pieces to admire. I admit to a few of my own favorites: Pat Meras' pastel of "Pondering in Tuscany" takes me right to the place; Mary McInnis' oil, "Road Trip Nap", has such a great unexpected viewpoint and extreme contrast; Dianne Gardner's oil "Three Minutes" captures the bunched muscles of the parade to post at a horse race from an unusual perspective. I have too many paintings to remark on- there's over 80 pieces in the show! You don't want to miss this show which runs through November 13th.

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  1. Really interesting blog site. The variety of art styles to which the site links is inspiring. Like visiting several galleries from my desk chair. Thanks for putting this together.